Center for Research on Engineering Software Systems

At the Center for Research into Engineering Software Systems (CRESS), we create and analyse software systems, protocols and the process by which they are engineered.

Our mission is to achieve usability, correctness, efficiency and scalability of software systems. To this end, we design, implement and evaluate methodologies, technologies and tools.

Our goals are the following:
  • Strengthen and integrate research efforts in our field
  • Foster international cooperation in research
  • Establish collaboration with Icelandic industry
  • Educate the next generation of computer scientists and software engineers.

 Syslab  Rose
Datalab  HCI Lab  

CRESS Events

The CRESS center was established on the 28th of August. At the event, Dr. Michael J. Franklin gave a talk titled: Building Effective Industry/Academia Collaborations- The Berkeley Lab Model. A recording of the lecture can be found here:

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