BS-project: Flight-plan validation Web-Service

Much like the air traffic control system we have for full size aircraft, the airspace of small unmanned vechicles (or Drones) will also become regulated in the next few decades. Steps have alread been taken towards this process and in this proposal the aim is to build a Web-Service that can accept or refuse a proposed flight plan for a drone based on if the proposed route violates know geographical flight restrictions (also know as geofencing).

Keywords: Drones, Web-Service, Geofencing, Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, UAS, UTMSummary

Number of students: 2-4 

Term and/or year: spring term of 2019 

Nr. of ECTS credits: 12 ECTS

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Measuring the Usage and User Experience of Siminn TV

The objective of the project is that students learn how to measure the usage and the user experience of the Siminn TV (Sjónvarp Símans). The students will use four different approaches for measuring theusage and user experience. They will collaborate with Siminn in defining processes for doing these measurements in the future. 

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MS-Project: Improving Monitoring of IT Systems using Machine Learning

The project investigated the feasability of using LSTM and autoencoder technology to predict failures in MSSQL databases before they became serious issues that resulted in potentially catastrofic system failures.

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BS-Project: DeCP-Live

DeCP is a distributed search engine for web-scale image collections the sacrifices response-time for high throughput by batcing hundres or thousands of queries in a single query. It has be implemented to run on Apache Spark and has been evaluated with up to 40 billion high-dimensional features running on over 50 machines (800 virtual cores).

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About the research themes at CRESS

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Embedded distributed systems

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