Events at CRESS

Facilitating Team Collaboration in Complex Software Projects with the Interaction Room

5th April, 12:10 - 13:00

Speaker: Dr. Matthias Book from Iceland University 

Abstract: Large software projects have gained a reputation for running over schedule or budget, or falling short of quality or functionality expectations. In most cases, the reason for such wasted efforts can be traced to communication problems among the project stakeholders. This talk introduces the concept of the "Interaction Room" - a place where business, technical and management stakeholders sketch and discuss their project's most critical business processes, data structures and
system components in a pragmatic way that deliberately eschews formal correctness and completeness in favor of getting everyone to the table and fostering a joint understanding of the project's scope and challenges. The annotated sketches can serve as a catalyst for the discussion and mutual understanding of the project's scope and challenges by all project stakeholders, and help them to make more informed effort estimates, iteration plans and architecture choices.

Bio: Matthias Book is professor of software engineering at the University of Iceland. His research focus is on facilitating communication between business and technical stakeholders in large software projects, and on interacting with software systems through novel input modalities such as gestures and voice commands.

Host: Dr. Mohammad Hamdaqa for CRESS