Events at CRESS

Hlutanetið - Internet of Things

Þann 6. september, í stofu M209, verður ráðstefna um þessa spennandi hluti. Þar leiða saman hesta sína fulltrúar samgöngu- og sveitarstjórnarráðuneytis, Póst- og fjarskiptastofnunar, Símans, Opinna kerfa, Alþingis, Rannsóknarseturs um þróun hugbúnaðarkerfa hjá Háskólanum í Reykjavík (CRESS), Háskólans í Luxemburg, Cisco, Syndis, Telenet, ENISA, fagstaðlaráðs í upplýsingatækni (FUT) og IPv6 Forum til að ræða innviði, öryggi og staðla tengdum Hlutanetinu. Ráðstefnan er haldin í samvinnu Staðlaráðs Íslands, FUT, og CRESS og fer fram á ensku.

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11. June at 11:00 - Room V102: Promises and Challenges of Reactive Modeling - A Personal Perspective

Reactive models offer a fundamental paradigm for predicting the behavior of concurrent event-based systems, which includes all systems with software components. While much historical emphasis was on the analysis and comparison of different models for concurrency, several additional capabilities of reactive models have come into focus more recently: the combination of computational and analytical models, of control flow and data flow; contract languages for the description of a system from different perspectives, in addition to temporal, spatial, and hierarchical structuring mechanisms; reasoning about strategic choice, in addition to non-deterministic and probabilistic choice; computing quantitative fitness measures with regard to qualitative requirements, in addition to measures of time and resource consumption; design for robustness, in addition to correctness and performance; theories of approximation in addition to abstraction; best-effort in addition to worst-case analysis; methods for system synthesis in addition to verification. We review some results and outline some challenges on these topics.

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Uncertainty Propagation in Software Performance Engineering

Date and time: Wednesday, 2 May 2018 from 12:10 till 13:00
Place: Room M117 at Reykjavik University

Speaker: Catia Trubiani - Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

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Facilitating Team Collaboration in Complex Software Projects with the Interaction Room

Date: 5th April

Time: 12:10 - 13:00

Location: M102

Speaker: Dr. Matthias Book from University of Iceland 

This talk introduces the concept of the "Interaction Room" - a place where business, technical and management stakeholders sketch and discuss their project's most critical business processes, data structures and system components in a pragmatic way that deliberately eschews formal correctness and completeness in favor of getting everyone to the table and fostering a joint understanding of the project's scope and challenges. The annotated sketches can serve as a catalyst for the discussion and mutual understanding of the project's scope and challenges by all project stakeholders, and help them to make more informed effort estimates, iteration plans and architecture choices.

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