Center for Research on Engineering Software Systems

Our Mission

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At the CRESS center we create and analyse software systems, protocols, and the process by which they are engineered.

Our mission is to achieve usability, correctness, efficiency and scalability of software systems.To this end, we design, implement and evaluate methodologies, technologies and tools.

We have four research themes: User experience, embedded distributed systems, emerging technologies and data centric systems.

About the research themes at CRESS

User experience

Our mission is to research the users perspective while developing tomorrow's software systems

Embedded distributed systems

Our mission is to address the scalability, efficiency and security challenges of tomorrow's systems by applying theory in practice

Emerging technologies

Our mission is to revolutionize application development  to tackle the industrial challenges associated with building applications using emerging technologies. 

Data centric systems

Our mission is research in the general area of database systems, focusing on novel media and architectures.