Coursebook library

The Coursebook library is a department at LIRU and books marked as belonging to it in the library system are located at the reception desk. The Coursebook library contains a copy of all textbooks used in undergraduate programmes during the current semester, in addition to selected books used in graduate programmes. The books are only loaned out for use within the library.

The Coursebook library also contains a few works which are valuable to the library but which have not been reserved for use in individual courses. For information about which of these works can be borrowed, turn to the reception desk employee.

At the request of a faculty members, materials can be set aside for use by students in a specific course. This can be material from LIRU's collections, material acquired from elsewhere, and/or material in the possession of instructors. By placing such items on reserve, all students in a course are ensured equal access to them. Instructors should preferably specify a loan period for these items. If this is not done, the general rule is for further reading in LIRU's possession to be loaned out for either 3 days or a week. Privately owned books are not loaned out of the library. Articles and other photocopies are not loaned out either, but students can read them in the library or photocopy them for their own personal use. It is important that information on material intended for the coursebook library be submitted to RU with ample notice.

Requests to place a reserve on items should preferably contain most of the following information:

  • Name of instructor and title of course

  • Information on journal articles: Journal title, author name, and article title. Publication year, volume, issue number, and page number

  • Information on books: Title, author, edition, publication year, publisher, and ISBN

For books that the library doesn't already own, please use the purchasing request form for coursebook library.


  Anna Kristin Stefansdottir, information specialist
Library in Uranus (Ú103)
Tel.: (+354) 599 6491

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