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Alumni - Graduates have the option of purchasing a library card. The cards cost 2,500 ISK and are valid for one year. Alumni cards can only be bought on weekdays.

APA - See: Citation styles

Articles - LIRU subscribes to several databases in RU's fields of study. The databases contain for example numerous journal articles, many of which have been published in academic and peer reviewed journals. Often, the full text of articles is available. You can also enter the name of a journal in our list of subscribed journals to find out if the full text of an article is available. If not, we can order it for you from other library. See: Interlibrary loans

Book a Librarian - Book an information specialist to assist with information retrieval for assignments and reference work. More on this service

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Citation styles - RU requires high quality of scholarly work and projects and thus requires citing sources according to accredited citation styles. Citation styles used are: APA - used within the School of Business, Psychology, Sport Science, Preliminary Studies and partly within the School of Science and Engineering. IEEE - used within the School of Science and Engineering and School of Computer Science. OSCOLA - used within the School of Law.

Citing sources - An information specialist can assist you in searching for sources and using the reference management program Zotero. Contact us to receive assistance or book an appointment

Classification system - LIRU classifies all printed material and arranges it in shelves according to the Dewey system (Dewey Decimal Classification system [DDC]). In leitir.is view locations & requests to find the classification number (Call number or Shelf mark). The main classes in RU are:

004 Computer science
150 Psychology
330 Economics

340 Law
370 Education
500 Natural sciences

600 Technology
620 Engineering
650 Management

690 Constr. of buildings
790 Sport
800 Literature

Collections - The collections of LIRU mainly consist of books and journals, and the largest part of its collections is in electronic form. The library purchases access to databases and journals, as well as books. The library also provides the Parliamentary Gazette (Alþingistíðindi), Government Gazette (Stjórnartíðindi), law reports, textbooks used during the current semester, as well as a small collection of DVD discs which support language teaching at RU. Collections are primarily in English and Icelandic.

Copyright - See general discussion on: About copyright

Coursebook library - The Coursebook library is located at the reception desk in the library. It contains a copy of all textbooks used in undergraduate programs during the current semester, in addition to selected books used in graduate programs. The books are only for use within the library. 

Instructors can fill out requests for purchases for the Coursebook library. Purchasing request for the Coursebook library.  See also: Textbooks


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EU information
- The starting point for information on EU, EEA and EFTA. When information is needed on the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) a good place to start is at EU Information. There you will find the official websites of EU, EEA and EFTA as well as search engines and databases pertaining to European affairs. More on EUi.

Facilities - The library provides various facilities for both individuals and groups. Printing and copying facilities are in a printing room located outside the entrance to the library. There you can print and photocopy in color and black/white, as well as scan materials. The printing room is open 24 hours a day. Printing quota is sold at the reception desk in Sólin and online in Canvas.

Food and beverages - Eating is NOT allowed in the library. Visit Sólin or Málið if you wish to have a bite to eat. Light snacks and beverages are allowed on the condition that they are kept in a closed container. Remember to throw empty containers in the trash.

Google Scholar settings - Putting certain settings into Google Scholar, the search engine will include RU bought subscriptions in their results, both on the campus net and through remote access. See instructions for the settings.  

Group study rooms - There are four group study rooms in the library, Ú106, Ú107, Ú108 and Ú109, and they are open while students have access to the library with their RU access-cards. They are available on a "First come, first served" basis. The same rules apply in the rooms as in the library; eating is NOT allowed, but beverages are allowed on the condition that they are kept in a closed container. 

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Held items - Registered users in leitir.is can place books on hold. The library provides password. A notification is sent via e-mail when a book on hold is returned to the library. Held items are kept in the LIRU reception for one week after the patron is notified of their availability.

History - The Library and Information Services at RU (LIRU) were formally opened in January of 1999 by then Minister of Education, Björn Bjarnason. From the beginning, the library directors have placed great emphasis on electronic resources and excellent services.  In 2003 a European Documentation Centre (EDC) opened in the library. The Centre was based on an agreement between the Executive Board of the European Union and the European Law Institute at RU. From 2005, when RU and the Technical University of Iceland merged, LIRU operated libraries in two locations. First, in Höfðabakki and Ofanleiti, but in spring 2010, in Ofanleiti and Nauthólsvík. LIRU is currently located in Uranus on the 1st floor in RU's building in Nauthólsvík. The first director of the library was Sólveig Þorsteinsdóttir who served as such from 1998 -  July 2001. The second director was Guðrún Tryggvadóttir from 2001 - 2016. Sara Stef. Hildardottir is the current director of LIRU.

Hours - Here is an overview over opening hours during the academic year, and during summer. Information about current hours is on the library homepage and by the library entrance in Uranus.

IEEE - See:  Citation styles

Information literacy - Information specialists at the library provide training in information literacy, both in the library and in individual courses. Training can be of a general introductory nature or specialised in RU´s various fields of study.

Information services - Information specialists can be booked throughout the day. The service covers everything to do with literature searching, as well as citing sources and using reference management programs. For further information contact one of the information specialists

Interlibrary loans - The library provides books and articles from journals which are not available in the library. This service is free of charge to instructors and staff. More about Interlibrary loans

Journals - The library subscribes to more than 20.000 electronic journals in RU's fields of study but hardly any in print. Print journals are mostly Icelandic journals. The print journals are arranged alphabetically in shelves in front of Ú102 at the library. Printed journals can NOT be borrowed.

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Leitir.is - Leitir.is is a search portal which provides information on holdings in most of the Icelandic libraries. Sign into your account to see your loans and renew them. The library provides password. See also: Loans, Renewal of loans, Overdue loans and Held items .

Library cards - Exchange students can apply for a library card free of charge. Graduates on the other hand need to purchase a library card if they wish to borrow materials from the library collections. The cost of a library card valid for one year is 2.500 ISK for graduates. Other users do not need library cards. Application for library card

Library rights - The right of RU users to borrow from the library. Rights can be cancelled because of overdue items. See also: Loans and Overdue loans 

LIRU = Library and Information Services at Reykjavik University - Abbreviation.

Loans - The library patrons are RU staff and students. Information on printed material at RU and at other Icelandic libraries can be found in leitir.is. The general loan period for books is four weeks, except for textbooks. Journals can not be borrowed. At leitir.is you can sign in and extend loans while no one has placed the material on hold. The library provides password.  More about LIRU's loan policy. See also: Renewal of loansOverdue loans and Held items


Meditation room - You can rest and relax in the Meditation room that is located in a room opposite the library entrance. Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are available to support your meditation. There must be peace and quiet at all times in the Meditation room.

New material - The library compiles a list of new books in the library once per semester.

New patron - Application for library card


OSCOLA - See: Citation styles

Overdue loans - Recall notices are sent via e-mail. Patrons can get information on loan periods by going to “My account” in leitir.is and there they can renew their loans. The library provides password. Please send a request in time by e-mail if you want to renew Interlibrary loan. If patrons ignore the loan period of items and do not address recall notices, the library has permission to remove them from the list of registered patrons until the material in question has been returned. The library can also send patrons a bill for lost library material. The aim is primarily to get the books back to the library for other library users. More about the library loan policy. See: Renewal of loans

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Photocopying -  See: Printing room

Price list - The price list contains information on the cost of individual library services.

Printing room - Printers and photocopiers are in the printing room located in front of the library. There you can print, scan and copy. The printers names are Library_Black and Library_Color (for color and A3). A print quota is sold at the reception desk in Sólin and in Canvas. Here you can see the balance of your print quota.

The IT support services are responsible for the printing room and are open weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00. The printing room is open 24 hours.

Reading facilities - The library provides its students with various work and study spaces that are available on a first-come basis; two reading rooms with total 37 carrels, four group study rooms, study tables for groups and individuals some with computers and soft seating. Employees are allowed to clear tables which have not been used for more than an hour. An emphasis is placed on peace and quiet within the reading facilities, and on students being able to concentrate on their studies without the disturbance of phone calls and chatter. General rules of conduct apply regarding the handling of food and drinks within the reading facilities: No food is allowed, but students are allowed to have beverages on the condition that they are kept in a closed container.

Remote access - Access to most of the library databases is determined by user location. If you are not connected to the RU net, you can access most databases via our remote access solution. The remote access solution also extends to databases with country-wide access, so users can access them from overseas. You do not need remote access to use databases and journals which are password protected databases and journals

Renewal of loans - You can sign in to leitir.is and renew your loans yourself if the item is not on hold for other user. See instructions for renewal of loans. Contact the library for password. Please send us an e-mail request if you want to renew Interlibrary loan because we need a permission from the borrowing library to renew the loan. See also: Overdue loans

Repository - see Skemman

Researches - All RU instructors can send a request to the library regarding purchase of material they need for their courses. In addition to copies of textbooks, further reading is kept in the Reserve Library to ensure equal access. Instructors can also request that specific books from the library be kept in the Reserve Library. Instructors can determine the arrangement for loaning out their material. Other material which instructors submit to the Reserve Library is, for example, case studies, critiques, etc. Articles used in teaching can be submitted to the respective course Web site in Canvas. Further information can be found on the library home page: Reserve library

Reserve library - see Coursebook library

Rules - The library has very few but simple rules. Be familiar with the rules

Rules on submission of final theses - Rules on submission of final theses were approved by RU Executive Committee on June 12 2015.

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Scanning - See: Printing room 

Services - The library offers its customers all general library and information services, such as loans, interlibrary loans and information searches, as well as more specialized services. These include assistance in searching for sources and citing sources, using reference management programs, training in information literacy, a reserve library, and more. The services of the library are mainly intended for the students, instructors, and staff of RU. More about Service for students - Service for staff

Skemman - As of 2011, electronic copies of RU´s students theses are stored in the online institutional repository of Icelandic university libraries, Skemman. The theses are also searchable in leitir.is. Here you find instructions on how to submit your theses to Skemman.


Textbooks - The coursebook library contains a copy of textbooks used in undergraduate studies during the current semester, as well as selected books used in graduate programs. The books are only for use within the library. Speak with the reception desk employee if you wish to borrow them. See also: Coursebook library

Theses - As of 2011, electronic copies of theses are also stored in the online institutional repository of Icelandic university libraries, Skemman. Prior to 2011, final theses that are only available in print, and are not confidential, can be read in the library. You may need to reserve in advance. Information on theses is searchable in the library system leitir.is.

From fall semester 2015, students are only required to submit electronic copy of their thesis to Skemman and no print copy to the library. Only doctoral theses are required to submit also in print in two copies to be preserved at the library.

Turnitin - Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software used by educational institutions worldwide. Student papers are uploaded to the system and compared to the Turnitin database, which includes millions of web-pages, journal articles and student papers among other materials. An originality report displays matches between the student paper and material within the database. Turnitin is a built-in tool in Canvas. Introduction to Turnitin 

Walk-in-users - Visitors can access our licensed e-resources for personal research use. Please contact the reception desk employee for assistance.

Zotero - Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite and share your research sources.

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