Thesis submission

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with handbooks, procedure rules and other instructions on theses in their schools and departments. Those instructions can usually be found on the course site in MySchool. Please contact the appropriate department office if you are enrolled in a thesis course, but cannot access the above mentioned files.

Submitting to Skemman

Electronic copies should be submitted to Skemman –

Before students submit a printed copy of their thesis to the School in question, they should submit an electronic copy to Skemman, according to the rules on submission of final thesis. As stated in the rules, students also have to fill out a declaration on a special form on how the thesis should be preserved at the RU Library.

To log in to Skemman, students use their RU user name and password. Theses submitted to Skemman should be in PDF format unless that is not applicable. PDF documents should be saved so that they are secured and can be neither copied nor printed. Students are responsible for saving documents in this way. To secure PDF documents, you need Adobe Acrobat XI Pro which is available on all library computers.


Students who prepare their thesis using programs which do not allow users to create PDF documents, submit the report in PDF format but accompanying documents in their original format if Skemman allows for that.

Thoroughly read the document(s) in whole before beginning. Give PDF documents descriptive titles, for example, taken from the author's name, type of thesis, title of thesis, and/or year. Avoid words such as "final" or "for printing" in document titles.

Open access
Theses should be be open to read in Skemman as it accords to RU's policy on open access. Access to a thesis can be closed temporarily for example, due to sensitive or confidential information and is specified in the declaration of access form. If authors do not hand in the declaration of access form, the thesis will be open to read in Skemman.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all copies, electronic and printed, are identical.


If any problems come up when submitting a thesis, you can contact the library service desk tel. 599 6234. Kristína Benedikz is project manager of Skemman and can be contacted directly by tel. 599 6410 or e-mail 

Submitting printed copies

Printed copies of theses (essays / reports and accompanying documents) shall be submitted to Schools in accordance with their rules. Printed copies need to be accompanied by a confirmation (printout of e-mail - see sample below) from Skemman that an electronic copy has been submitted.


The Library and Information Service at RU preserves one printed copy of all theses along with accompanying documents and provides access to them in accordance with the rules of the library.

Publishing electronic copies
Electronic copies are published in Skemman after graduation, spring and winter and after the library has received the printed copy.

Submitting to Turnitin

Plagiarism is subject to the Icelandic  Copyright Act No. 73/1972 and penalties stipulated therein. The  Copyright Act applies to original works that are considered published, that is, when copies of a work with proper permission from the author are offered for sale, loan, or rent, or are distributed in some quantity to the public via other means.

RU greatly emphasizes high-quality scholarly work and integrity as stated in RU codes and rules. 

RU Project Work Codes of Conduct requires students to respect copyright and that all projects submitted by a student shall be his or her original work and that each submitted project shall be unique. All reuse of projects, whether within a course, between courses, or between study programs, is not permitted, unless otherwise noted.

In addition, the 8th paragraph of  RU code of ethics states as follows: "We respect intellectual property rights, do not take credit for the work of others and always cite the sources we use in accordance with accepted scientific practices."

RU Study and examination rules affirm the emphasis on respect for copyright: "Reykjavik University requires that your projects be your original work. This means that the work you do is your own from beginning to end without assistance from others, and you never copy others' text or work and present it as your own. References shall always be cited and rules on working with references also apply to copying of a student's own work.

Each submitted project shall be unique. All reuse of projects, whether within a course, between courses, or between study programs, is not permitted, unless otherwise noted."

The university uses  Turnitin plagiarism detection software which enables users to spot plagiarism and/or wrong references and citing of sources.


Practical information

Covers for final theses are available online either on the course's website in MySchool, or on the websites of respective schools:

Printing and copying of theses:

  • Háskólaprent, Fálkagata 2, Reykjavík, tel. 588 1162

  • Pixel prentþjónusta, Ármúli 1, Reykjavík, tel. 575 2700

  • Prentlausnir, Ármúli 15, Reykjavík, tel. 533 6000

  • Svansprent, Auðbrekka 12, Kópavogur, tel. 510 2700

Theses should be bound with soft bound, i.e. stapled and taped on the spine – no comb binding please



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