Why MPM?

There is increasing demand for effective project managers all around the world. All sectors of the economy now require project management expertise and the same is true in the areas of public administration, international cooperation, aid and development. Project management is also a dynamic academic field, constantly evolving, constantly changing.

The goal of the Master of Project Management (MPM) program at Reykjavik University is to equip students with the skills and tools of effective project management and to give them the ability to apply those tools, whether to simple or more complex projects. Students learn how to plan projects, how to set up and organize tasks, how to administer projects within project-oriented enterprises, and how to work within, as well as lead, project teams. The program covers all the fundamentals of project, portfolio and programme management and the essential principle associated with project management offices (PMO).

Particular emphasis is placed on developing the ability to co-ordinate culturally diverse teams to face a wide spectrum of challenges, and the skills required for successful execution of projects. The course combines technical skills training with an understanding of the larger context of projects and their human, cultural and social elements. In this way it trains future leaders and shapes them into sought-after professionals on both local and international job markets.

Some skills taught include:

  • Project designing, planning, execution and finalizing.
  • Project, portfolio and programme management.
  • Establishing project management offices and leading project-oriented enterprises.
  • Developing high-level project leadership and communication skills.

The final component of the course is a master's thesis in the form of a research article that constitutes an original contribution to the development of knowledge within the field of project management. Graduates are expected to work towards further innovation within their professional capacity and, where possible, to add to the body of academic literature in the field by presenting their findings in a recognized journal.

The MPM-program is a two year 90 ECTS unit program.